A stencil process in which coloring matter is forced onto the material to be printed through the meshes of a silk or organdy screen so prepared as to have pervious printing areas and impervious nonprinting areas also : a print made by this process. By Merriam-Webster Silkscreen printing is the relationship between positive and negative space that can be explored through the use of stencil’s shapes or images.

– Learn about what is printmaking. – Learn how to transfer the prints using the silkscreen mesh onto an substrate or suitable object.
Aged 7 years old and above
Customisable: Yes
1 session(s)
Inclusive: Materials Usage

Frequently Asked Questions

Our studio can fit approximately 40 pax comfortably.
We have done many offsite sessions and our largest group is approximately for 110 pax.
For group that are of 20 pax and above, we do not charge extra for offsite. Unless, the venue is extreme far away, etc. Tuas South.


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