About Hans Art Gallere


Founded in Singapore with a desire to explore different forms of art


Building Community Through Art


Translate artistic ideas into sustainable business model to be able to help and mentor the marginalised community

Our Story

Humble Beginings
Hans Art Gallere started in 2006. From a very small studio for teaching children and no other services, collaborations, branding.
Baby Steps
In time we knocked on doors of giant retailers (Toys "R" Us), calling and emailing them to offer our services to their database.
And we did it!
We started from teaching art to 1 preschool as an optional program and Hans art Gallere expanded our portfolio island-wide. 
Gaining Recognition
As time passed, Hans Art Gallere has been recognised by the Grassroots and has been collaborating with various RNs and CCs on different projects and art lessons.
Expanding our Services
We slowly increased our services from teaching art, to workshops like art jamming, terrarium making, needle felting, silkscreen and more.
Kids Development
We developed Integrated Art Programme (IAP) which is constructed by its student-centered, versatile and age-appropriate characteristics.
This improved greatly on how we work with kids' development.
Art, is for Everyone
As part of our efforts to bring arts to everyone, we also conduct lessons for the special-needs (both children and adults).
To create a safe environment for them to create their own happiness in their little own world and to bring forth their confidence which many others may not be able to understand.
Go Green
The importance of Go Green. Unknowingly we produce waste. And some of it may be used in the creation of a functional item.
We can do our part through Art Creation.
In our Terrarium Making Workshop with the children, we use discarded pots or bottles to create a beautiful unique piece of art.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hans Art Gallere together with Art Pantry had collaborated with different companies and organizations to contribute to the society. We believe in giving back to the community and be socially responsible for our environment.

Kids Lesson