Decoupage is a craft that uses designed tissue papers, cut-outs and gluing them to objects such as tote bags, glass vase or mason jar etc. to breathe beauty into the objects that most of the time can be functional art too! Decoupage can be a therapeutic process for some that needed some get-away respite.

Learn about what type of cut-out materials, glue etc. are suitable for decoupage
Learn how to use stick the cut-outs onto the object
Learn how to vanish the finished product
Aged 16 years old and above
Customisable: Yes
1 session(s)
Inclusive: Materials Usage

Frequently Asked Questions

Our studio can fit approximately 40 pax comfortably.
We have done many offsite sessions and our largest group is approximately for 110 pax.
For group that are of 20 pax and above, we do not charge extra for offsite. Unless, the venue is extreme far away, etc. Tuas South.


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