Active Aging

What is Active Aging?

Keeping oneself active and having meaningful purposes through participating/engaging in social activities, workshops, giving back to the community by helping others that needed assistance.

We have been actively involved in curating art learning for our seniors as we radically believed in life-long learning and this is also about self-care. Seniors took part in the art learning to use what they have learnt and to do bonding activities with their grandchildren and/or volunteered their time to do some simple art with other seniors at the seniors’ corner as they have mobility issues to travel. This creates a sense of purpose for the seniors.   

We also took part and curated art learning suitable for dementia seniors to engage their minds.

What are the benefits of art activities for seniors

– To better focus– To be more patient– Improve confidence and self-esteem
– Fine Motor Skills– To relax and enjoy the process– Better Cognitive Health
– Improves Mental Health– Improves Physical Health– Improve Overall Happiness
– Increased Social Interaction– Reduces Stress– Self-Realization
– Independent Living

Frequently Asked Questions

Our studio can fit approximately 40 pax comfortably.
We have done many offsite sessions and our largest group is approximately for 110 pax.
For group that are of 20 pax and above, we do not charge extra for offsite. Unless, the venue is extreme far away, etc. Tuas South.

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