With a desire to explore different forms of art, Hans Art Gallere was started in 2006. Our first school in Chinatown was born as part of a quest to stimulate greater inspiration among children. As of now, we have a studio and have worked with more than 50 preschools, community centers, RCs and more. More than 800 students have come through our schools to date.

Our Philosophy

Adult Art Lessons

Art is for appreciation, not judgment – The process of art creation refines one’s thoughts and feelings. Very often, people judge a piece of art based on techniques and skills acquired by the artist. However, a beautiful piece of art is a result of the right attitude, patience, responsibility and passion. More importantly, it is within a positive environment that one is relaxed and free to express through art. It is through this process that creativity takes place and lingers on.

Every child is special – Each child must be guided according to his or her individual needs. Inappropriate approaches not only stifle creativity but also kill the interest of under-achievers.

Children Art Classes
Private Parties Coporate workshop Teambonding workshop

A break from high-paced society – In a highly competitive and demanding world, children and adults are often overwhelmed by hectic schedules. Art learning gives an outlet for self-expression, therefore striking a better balance in terms of mental and emotional development.

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